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Ascended Guild
Ascended is an endgame World of Warcraft guild on the Alliance side of the Darksorrow-EU server. We aim to specialise in both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game, and intend to get heavily into both raiding and rated battlegrounds. We're currently looking for raiders and battlists that enjoy the game and are skilled at their class. If you think you've got what it takes to raid with us, put in an application today for raiding, battlegrounds, or both. All we ask is that you can follow directions, know your class well, know how to perform your role and have a friendly attitude. Ascended needs you for the fight against Deathwing and the Horde!
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Welcome to your new guild site!
12/01/11 03:36 AM by Mindez
Congratulations on creating your new guild site! Take some time to look around and gain familiarity with the site features. Check out http://support.guildomatic.com or the Guildomatic Tutorial if you have any questions. Make sure to download the in-game WoW module at http://www.guildomatic.com/meta/downloads. The module will allow you to do things like manual guild roster snapshots, managing DKP, auctioning items, and more.


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